As if by magic…

There I was typing the denouement to my WIP when the title suddenly leapt up at me from the page: THE SILENCE BEFORE THE SCREAM. It is meant to convey that moment when the brain takes in what it’s seeing, while it’s working out how to respond. I’m relieved to finally have a title and wanted to do a jig when it came to me. Who knew it would be so difficult? The only good news is finding the right image for the cover was a lot easier, thanks to Caireen Harrison, a lovely designer who has created all my super covers. Would you like a sneaky new peak? Thought you would…



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2 responses to “As if by magic…

  1. Hi Emma,
    I’m have the same problem with the title of my second book. The first few ideas I had were already taken and well known/read. The second lot were words or phrases from the book, but they were already taken too when I checked on Amazon.
    The last few I thought of I think I’m scraping the barrel with! I’d like to have a moment like you did and have something ‘pop’ into my head and announce itself. I live in hope.

    I like all the new covers too by the way, and The Silence before the Scream is a brilliant title.

    All the best,



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