DS Coupland Salford Detective Series in order:


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Have you tried my gritty Scottish Crime Series?

My Edinburgh series is a no holds barred roller-coaster ride through some of the city’s darkest streets, challenging your perception of good vs evil forever…


When the daughter of Edinburgh’s most powerful crime lord is kidnapped all hell breaks loose in the city. Determined to find her without the hindrance of the police Gus McEwan summons his most reliable men to track her down. Davy Johnson, still reeling from witnessing an horrific suicide is in no position to refuse.

As the violence escalates but no ransom note emerges Davy must convince Edinburgh’s most fearsome gangsters that this isn’t about money or power, but something far more primitive.


What readers are saying about THE SILENCE BEFORE THE SCREAM

‘A rollercoaster ride through Edinburgh’s colourful underbelly.’
‘A brilliant read, highly recommended.’
‘I read The Silence Before The Scream rapidly, and the second half in one session. That’s how gripping it was.’
‘Just as good if not better than the first book in the Davy Johnson series, love this author, love the direction she takes, simply brilliant’



Introducing Scottish anti-hero Davy Johnson as he takes on the Edinburgh establishment to clear his name.

Davy Johnson is a young man from an Edinburgh estate with a target on his back.  After a spell in prison, he is trying to make a life for himself, but one cop won’t leave him alone, following him around and carting him off the station just for the fun of it.

The harassment turns sinister when Davy witnesses his nemesis overstep the mark with a local junkie – and makes the mistake of telling him he’s been seen. What happens next sees Davy framed for a string of murders with no one to help him but the cronies he promised he’d turn his back on when he got out of jail – but what will they want in return?

With the help of an ex con and a local cabbie Davy goes on the run to prove his innocence but as the body count rises he discovers a connection between what’s happening now and an incident involving his father many years before.

Will Davy be able to work out the truth from the lie in time to save the killer’s next victim?

What readers are saying about TRUTH LIES WAITING:

‘The way the story unfolds is riveting…would definitely recommend this book.’

‘Hooked from page 1!’

‘Love it! Action packed story…the reason for a few nightmares.’

‘Would definitely recommend, in fact already have.’

‘Gripping storyline.’

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  1. Ninoska mairena

    Hello. Do yo have any of your books in Spanish?. Thank you so much.


  2. Susan Magee

    Hi, have your books been published in paperback?


  3. Jean Rogers

    I have just finished D S Coupland book 5. Will there be a 6th?


  4. Debra

    Please write a sequel to the Davy Johnson series!


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